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Sailor Jerri Dog Training & Social media Apprenticeship

Do you have a dog training business now but want to understand the social media aspect of it? Do you work for a company and hoping to branch into your own in the future? Do you have a desire to learn and soak up information like a sponge out the ins and out of virtual dog training? You've come to the right place.  Read more below and submit an application if you'd like to be put on our waiting list!

Accepting applications for October and November 2022

How does the Apprenticeship work? What's the Timeline?

"The path is here for those who are ready to learn, grow, and show up to make a change"

My vision for every apprentice is that they make it all the way to be a part of my team because that's the culture here. Set a goal and let's achieve it together.  We learn how to support those in our community.  Whatever you need: Access to more trainers, books, classes, videos, in-person shadowing...You name it and I'll find it for you (and it's on me).

Do you have what it takes? I bet you do.

Requirements before applying

  • Applicant has a (mostly) trained dog, meaning my dog can be properly crated, has a solid place stay, can walk on a loose lead, and has worked through most reactivity issues to manageability.   *no one is perfect; I'm not looking for perfect; but I'm also not looking for people that should be clients first*

  • Applicant is focused on contributing to the missing of the OPEN MINDED APPROACH which is preventing dogs going into shelters by organically sewing dog training into their community and into the lives of those around them with tolerance and compassion. Using wisdom from many areas to best help the clients.

  • Realize you are a continual student that knows they will never master dog training; it is to be practiced with joy and positivity as you continuously change as a person.

  • Applicant doesn't not and will not slander, bully, or harass other dog trainers or owners for their choices.  Instead seek to gain a greater understanding of their perspective. 

  • Applicant is ready to work. HARD.  And does not make excuses.

  • Applicant is a good teammate and wishes to improve in that area as they see the benefit to the greater dog community.

What Past Apprentices Say about entering the program

What Past Apprentices have to say

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Accepting applications for October and November 2022

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Welcome new apprentices!!!

We welcome new apprentices into this program every month!

June Apprentices

Hello there! My name is Rozlynn and I'm a balanced trainer located in a suburb south of Cleveland, Ohio. My pack members include Prince (Poodle mix), Copper (Husky), Piston (German Shepherd), Lucy & Bagel (cats).  

Since I can remember, I've always had a huge passion for animals, especially dogs. A few years back, I took in my adult Husky who had zero training. I remember the long days and nights filled with frustration and mental exhaustion. At times I felt hopeless. That's when my dog training journey began. I completely immersed myself into the canine world by watching videos, reading books, listening to podcasts, attending seminars and doing endless research in order to help my dog. Fast forward a few years, I decided to start my own dog walking/training and pet care business (Propper Pet). Now I'm here to empower other struggling owners just like you!

My ultimate training mission is to help owners live a happy & calm life with their dogs while also decreasing the number of dogs from being rehomed and surrendered to shelters through empowerment, education and knowledge owners need to succeed with their dogs.

Rozlynn with Piston Prince Copper.png

May Apprentices

Tiffany Apprentice.jpeg

My name is Tiffany, I live in Hawaii and I decided to join the TPA apprenticeship program because I want to learn more about dog training, engaging with owners and how to best educate humans on how to incorporate well behaved dogs into their everyday lives. My biggest goal with this program is helping create accessibility for dog owners to help them create a more meaningful bond with their dogs and give them the tools to live the life they envisioned when they decided on taking on raising a dog.

My name is T and this is my 1.5-year-old toy Australian shepherd, Milo! I knew before bringing him home at 9 weeks old that I wanted to give Milo a life filled with joy, enrichment, and inclusion. In order to do that, I researched different trainers online and then sought out shadowing opportunities with local facilities for more hands-on learning. The more I worked with Milo, the more passionate I became about every aspect of dog training. At a local facility, I began working as a training assistant doing structured potties with client dogs and received mentorship in exchange for my work. After expanding my experience, I was given the opportunity to become a full-time trainer and began helping more dog owners like myself. 


This year I am focusing my energy on owner empowerment through virtual coaching and content creation so that more people can get answers to their questions and find enjoyment in working with their dogs. Transitioning from working in a facility to virtual coaching can be challenging, so I am excited to learn from the best at Tulsa Pack and develop my skills as an educator/creator. My goal is to create content that is easy to follow and offers guidance to anyone trying to navigate their training journey. It is my mission to serve a variety of dogs and their owners as well as show up wholeheartedly for myself and Milo. 


I still have a lot to learn as an owner and am always seeking ways to improve my and Milo’s relationship. He has great obedience and struggles with a little bit of reactivity such as alert woofing, sound sensitivity, and some mild stranger danger. I am so grateful for this opportunity to become more educated on the open-minded approach to dog training and apply the knowledge I gain to my personal dog’s life as well as to those I work with. I can’t wait to get started!

Matilda Moore.heic

My name is Matilda, and I found my passion for training after adopting my now 7 year old staffy, Delilah. She was severely reactive, and throughout our training journey I found the most success by keeping an open mind to a variety of trainers and methods. I’ve experienced how life changing it is to be educated by knowledgeable trainers and see my own hard work pay off. My dream is to provide that same empowerment to dog owners by helping them achieve harmony with their dogs. I’m so excited to learn more about virtual training and to be a part of the TPA community!




There is a long waiting list to have the chance to join this program.  Then your dedication will determine how far you advance.  Some apprentices take the info they've gained and go in a different direction... Some, like the people below, have risen to the occasion and joined forces with Tulsa Pack after excelling in the apprenticeship